Productor de Michael Jackson acusa al artista de plagiar canciones

El reconocido productor Quincy Jones, dio polémicas declaraciones en donde afirmó que el "Rey del pop" copió algunos de sus éxitos.

Productor de Michael Jackson acusa al artista de plagiar canciones

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Quincy Jones, reconocido productor y quien trabajó ampliamente con Michael Jackson dio unas polémica declaraciones recientemente a la Revista Vulture, en donde afrimó que el "Rey del pop" rob+ó varios éxitos y utilizó algunas palabras que descalificarían el trabajo del artista.

Jones habló sobre las supuestas similitudes entre uno de los éxitos de Donna Summer, "State of Independence" con la canción "Billie Jean" que hizo parte de uno de los álbumes más vendidos de Michael "Thriller".

I'll never forget the day I was holding auditions for a group called Deco because we were supposed to start at 12pm, but this girl named @siedahgarrett came bright & early at 7am...We had about 800 people show up, but over the course of the following 9 months, we whittled it down to 4 people, & Siedah turned out to be 1 of the 4. She never called herself a "songwriter" but we signed Deco to Qwest, & after about 2 years, she still hadn't written a song that had been recorded... We were finishing up "Bad" with Michael at the time, so we invited her to come to a publishing meeting with other songwriters to hear what we wanted for the songs. Siedah sat in the corner with her little notepad, took notes on what was said, & later brought it to her writing partner Glen Ballard. She apparently ran across a phrase that she wrote in there 2 years prior, when she heard John Beasley having a conversation about some "man in the mirror" during a writing session. That phrase popped out to her when her writing partner Glen Ballard was playing piano & she wrote the lyrics for the v.1 & chorus in 20 minutes & got a demo done in two days. She called me frantically, talking about how they got THE song. Well, it WAS the song, so we went & recorded it with Michael. He had a problem with the bridge because he wanted it twice as long, with more lyrics. On the demo, they had "If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself & then make a change." Glen & Siedah gave us several options & Michael chose "You gotta get it right while you've got the time, cuz when you close your heart then you close your mind." It's incredible how it all worked out & Siedah has worked with me ever since. She's a bad mamma jamma! Sid, it was so good to see you up there still doing' your thing at the 30th anniversary celebration of "Man in the Mirror" this past weekend! So many beautiful memories...<3 For the rest of y'awl, you can listen to "Man in the Mirror" & a new round of songs on my weekly @spotify playlist! Link in bio 👆🏾

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"Las notas no mienten, hombre. Fue tan maquiavélico como es posible serlo", afirmó el hombre de 84 años en dicha conversación.

También dijo que el célebre Michael era "codicioso" y que no dio crédito alguno al tecladista, Greg Phillinganes, por otra canción exitosa como lo fue "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough". “Michael debió darle el 10 % de la canción. No lo haría” declaró.

 “Michael debió darle el 10 % de la canción. No lo haría”